HSEB 10+2

Affiliated to HSEB, +2 aims to address demanding and incorporated management education from an early age so that students can later find their undergraduate program easier. The college follows scientific teaching technique, allowing students to match up to their subjects with a dedicated insight. As a result, they come up with a clear model of the subjects and develop their own idea about them. Consequently, it helps the student track their higher studies with confidence
Student can decide from an extensive array of subjects ranging from hotel management, travel and tourism and computer science among other to support and purse their future careers.


Everest College is established in the year 2054 B.S. with title aim of achieving “Quality education with less investment ”. lt is a college not just in the literal sense, but also in its methods of teaching Management and Science. A consortium of management professionals, academicians, social workers and businessmen governs tl1e college. It is affiliated to the Tribhuwan University and HSEB.
The college's activities are backed by a strongly motivated team of professional academicians and practitioners in the area of business management and social
science. The college is aware of the complexities contemporary life and challenges the country will undoubtedly have to face in this millennium. This backdrop
only underscores the crucial role academic institutions, particularly in the Management Stream, have to play in tl1e preparation of the ‘next' generation of managers.


The mission of FOM's BBA program is to develop socially responsive, creative, and result oriented management professionals to full up the middle level managerial positions in the rapidly growing business sector in Nepal and abroad.

MBS Program

The MBS program is designecl especially for those who are career-minded, hardworking, goal-oriented and committed for achieving a bright future and our approach is also to provide students with in-depth knowledge of various functional areas of specialization in management so that stuclents may become competent managers in any sector of organized activity.

A MBS graduate will be able to function as manager in business, industry or the government sector. Besides, the graduate will also find a variety of career opporttulities opening-up in the business sectors. Moreover, students will also benefit immensely from the career guidance programs conducted with thc individual interest of students regarding the area of specialization in mind.