Message from CEO - Megaquake

Everest College expresses grief for the national Earthquake disaster of 25 April 2015. There is no way to remunerate the lives we have lost. Nepal is undergoing the worst ever tragedy in its contemporary history as an aftermath of the 4/25 event that caught us unaware and unprepared and left us with trails of devastation, both physical and psychological.  Like all families and institutions in our country, Everest College and its organizational family have been hit hard by the disaster, the like of which we have experienced never before in our life time.  Admittedly, the fury of nature has thrown us off balance but, I must add, only temporarily.  Nepali people, particularly youth, have shown remarkable resiliency, like before and even more than in the past, in coping with the devastation and managing its consequences to the best of our ability.  Like all Nepali, the College family has demonstrated, as ever, resiliency and resolution in the face of crisis. 

In the wake of the current wave of natural disasters that have hit us hard and affected all aspects of national life, Everest College declared a break till 10th Jestha. All of us are going through the mental state which is making us to react differently to everything. At this stage every one of us need to become patient and try to calm ourselves as well as those who are dear and near to us. You should be able to become observant for the safety and security- starting from physical to psychological aspect. Be aware of your own mental state and spare time to listen to others .Be Active listener.

It's good to know that the School members are safe, though shaken (quite understandably!). Yes, we all suffered but we can't standstill. We must move on.  From the tragedy of yesterday, we ought to chart out the trajectory of tomorrow. Once again I appeal to all College members to do what we are best at from our part to reinstate what we can. Let's start as early as possible and as much as we can with the faith that the knowledge and ability we develop will be the greatest capital for building future Nepal. A New Nepal.

I thank you all.


Bishnu Hari Pandey