Affiliated to HSEB, +2 aims to address demanding and incorporated management education from an early age so that students can later find their undergraduate program easier. The college follows scientific teaching technique, allowing students to match up to their subjects with a dedicated insight. As a result, they come up with a clear model of the subjects and develop their own idea about them. Consequently, it helps the student track their higher studies with confidence

Student can decide from an extensive array of subjects ranging from hotel management, travel and tourism and computer science among other to support and purse their future careers.
Examination and evaluation
Each academic year consist of three internal exams inclusive of the  final sent up to test. A 50% pass mark is obligatory in every subject for the above mentioned examinations. Any failure will lead to non eligibility for the board examinations. To increase the caliber, performance and preparation of all the student , we have a system whereby students are regularly accessed via unit test, project works and multiple homeworks.