Message from Principal

Leaving school or college does not necessarily mark the ultimate end not by a long shot. It is only the beginning as no educative process abruptly comes to such an end without necessitating the beginning of another chapter of more education, more learning and more living. This is where and when we might come handy.

Everest College needs hardly any introduction. It got off to an auspicious start in the year 1998 to cater for the needs of management students of a world of thriving hopes and aspirations. Since its inception till now, it has dedicated its continuous services to enhance the ability of individual student making them feel responsible to contribute their little mite to the progress of the country. The journey we have undertaken over these years seems a brief episode in the history of the management education. Yet, it has been no mean significant considering the achievements our graduates have made in their respective fields. It is a matter of great satisfaction to see how they have been successful in integrating themselves in different meaningful sectors and assuming significant roles to discharge their socio-economic duties. In spite of all these, I feel sincerely that our dreams are far from being complete which is why, we still have our eyes set on the fulfillment of the objectives to develop socially responsive, creative and result oriented management professionals to fill up the middle and high level managerial positions in the ever fast growing business sectors in Nepal and abroad.

Lastly, I feel very happy to pledge you that from this academic year 2067-68, Everest will work harder than vigor. With the full assurance of our sincerity and determination, I thank all our wellwishers, guardians, teachers, students and staff for their continued support and concern without which Everest would not be what it is and where it is now. Thanks

Yadav Jung Dhoj Karki
Founder Principal