Message from CEO

I look forward to meeting you at Everest College. Our staff are dedicated professionals who provide quality educational experience within a friendly, caring and academic environment. Our educational program specializes in business related subjects in an innovative and unique way. Subjects are integrated with common business themes and the program involves links with business. We seek to prepare leaders for the changing global business world. Modern technology is the way people in business communicate. Multinational business are increasing in size and number. Political agreements are bringing nations closer. This global integration creates the need for business managers with the term-building qualities of being respectful, fair-minded, quality-oriented and creative. Future business leaders will also need the knowledge and understanding of the internal and external systems impinging on business.

We are playing a part in preparing such global business leaders by challenging and assisting students to do their students to respect others, appreciate diversity and to and to from opinion on the basis of reason and good judgement. We provide opportunities for, and encourage, students to be creative. At Everest we impart knowledge of the training exercises using the modern technology of business as well as training in the skills for researching information about developments in business with the best practice.

My position as a CEO at Everest College is to ensure that you have the opportunity to benefit from your time with us and that you leave a better person who can make a significant contribution to the global business world.

Bishnu Hari Pandey